cropped-eaw_7135.jpgHmmm… where to begin.  I’m married to the most wonderful of guys.  He is my person, my confidant, and my muse.  However, his brain is almost entirely filled up with veterinary medicine, sports, and action movies, and therefore, doesn’t quite share the same deep interest I have in cooking, sewing, non-vet med science, crafting, gardening, birds, molecules, etc.*  That brings me here.  I have spent most of my fairly young life devoted to science; however, I find more and more that I’m being pulled towards the “domestic” side of things.  Although I don’t plan to wow the world with this blog, I hope it finds you in good spirits, and maybe helps you gain some creative ideas or a recipe you’ve been looking for…or, if nothing else, a smile!

*It is important to note that he does, occasionally, take a small interest in these things:)


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