Well, it’s been just about a year since I’ve had anything to say on this blog. After James’ mom passed away I just haven’t really been very into doing productive things, and have kind of just been spending my time complaining. Thankfully, these phases pass, and I am participating in brighter days now:)

So, since it’s been a while, I guess I should break things down into sections to get me back into blogging mode…


Life has been constantly up and down for the past year or so, basically ever since James started his clinical rotations. They are just inconsistent and stressy – not the best mix for 2 people who need routines! But, as we are nearing the end, I feel a twinge of melancholy as I reflect on the past 8 years of being in West Lafayette. I think I’m going to miss this place.

James’ mom passed away in July, and we just recently lost two special animals to us – our minister, Steven, lost his dog, Simcha; my family lost our 15 year old beautiful Birman cat, Ziggy. Death seems to be a bit too consistent for my liking, but unavoidable and necessary I suppose. However, we have welcomed 2 new rats into our home, Watson and Crick. They are wonderful, and we have already bonded to them quite a bit! We now have 2 cats, Rosie and Lewis, 2 rats, 1 chinchilla (Tacos), and our dog, Sidney.

I just realized I never wrote about Sidney. He is the greatest challenge I have come to face in my life thus far. I was really hoping to find a dog that would be my buddy through thick and thin, and Sidney is just soooo not that dog. We are still, after almost 9 months together, having a really difficult time bonding. Frankly, I just don’t really like him, and he seems to be pretty uninterested in me as well. Perhaps it’s because he’s still a puppy, and I am very much so a cat person, so we are still just on different ends of the spectrum with one another. I can only hope that we become closer when we move and I am no longer working (and we have a fenced in yard!).

Speaking of moving, we are about a month away from moving into Spruce Lodge. I will be spending the next 3 weekends going up there to try to finish painting the house (so many fun colors!), and then working on the kitchen cabinets. Hopefully. It would be so nice to have at least the basics done before James’ graduation party, but I don’t really feel like putting too much pressure on it all, especially since we have a huge fun vacation to Maine coming up! 🙂

So, as you can see, I guess the best way to sum up life the past 9 months or so is… incoherent? Everything, from schedules, to thoughts, to emotions, has just kind of been all over the place, much like this writing probably seems. I’m not too concerned about it, as I still love James and he still loves me, and we love spending time together, so as long as that doesn’t change I think we’ll be just fine.


I have been taking an art class for the past month or so, and absolutely loving it. It is more of a, I sit down and paint stuff while my teacher constantly praises me, type of class, but it is so nice to just sit down and paint 2 hours a week. I am working on my first ever acrylic painting, so it’s a little messy, but it’s fun and happy! Depending on how it turns out, I might post a picture of it… we’ll see:)

I have also been feeling a big urge to work on other art projects, such as dabbling with watercolors or drawing, but I am finding myself holding back from it because there is just so much other stuff to do with all of the packing and the moving and whatnot. I hope that as a stay-at-home wife I can not only contribute to our family by taking care of us and everything around the house, but also contribute to myself by doing things I enjoy doing, and not getting complacent. Sometimes it is hard to have an interest in anything and everything, as goals can get a little scattered and daunting!

We are painting our master bedroom quite a bright mint color, and I am making a duvet cover with muslin to tone it down a little bit. We bought a beautiful comforter from C Studio, and it is one of the best purchases I’ve made. It’s an ultra warm, RDS certified down, and it took a lot of research on ethical ways to produce down comforters to get to this brand. All in all, totally worth the more expensive cost and time. I need to dye the muslin, so that will be something I try this weekend for the first time. Yikes! I’m going for a golden yellow, so hopefully that’s how it turns out:)

What else…. again, everything in my brain is just so jumbled up. I guess I’ll call this post quits for now, and just try to start fresh with the new things happen in my life as they come about, rather than trying to play catch up!


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