Springing into Some Hobbies

Recently I have had quite a few things going on in the craft world, and my creative side is feeling a nice stretch of her legs!

First and foremost, I have been taking on the world of knitting, and working on a scarf for James. It was supposed to be a Purdue scarf originally, but is kind of taking the form of a Gryffindor themed scarf now. In my opinion, that’s just as acceptable. It is basically just knitting in a circle for days on days on days, but it is relaxing and something I can do while I’m watching Netflix (just got done with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2….now what do I watch!?!)


Second, I have been taking it upon myself to learn how to draw more realistically. I’ve doodled for the majority of my life, and they’re ehh, but I think it would be such a neat skill to be sitting outside and be able to just draw whatever I see. The bar is set pretty high, and I may never achieve this level of art, BUT it sure is fun to work on and calming as all get out as well.

Besides all of the baking I’ve been having to do to keep up with James’ food intake, I have also worked on a few Mother’s Day gifts. This is my mom’s first Mother’s Day without her mom, so I wanted to try to give her something a little more special than flowers and chocolate. I made a Shutterfly book of some old and more recent pictures of my Grandma, but what I’m mainly excited about is the picture I made for her out of some of the pressed flowers from my Grandma’s funeral. They didn’t turn out as well as I was hoping after they were pressed, but there are still some pretty colors and tones that make it more pleasant to look at.

This is before the Mod Podge finished drying.


James’ mom has been interested in making an herb garden in her backyard. I’ve been thinking about what I can give her or make her that can be incorporated into something she likes, and garden stakes came to my mind! So after a little research, I found a tutorial for these garden stakes made out of polymer clay (which holds up to varying weather conditions according to what I have read), and made some labels for her herbs! I think they’re cute, but maybe that’s just being blinded by my own pride. James and I also found an adorable vase for her from Michael’s that I think will go very well in the back room of their home.


Lastly, I finished Jessie’s baby shower invitations. I thought they turned out kinda neat:)


My next project is going to be working on my anniversary gift to James. Since it is apparently the “paper anniversary,” I’m trying to make his gifts completely out of paper (and coincidentally, it saves a TON of money that way). Hopefully they turn out well, but you never really know how a project is going to go until it’s done!!

The start to one of my gifts for James… origami folding is so tedious!

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